Stem cells for hip osteoarthritis treatment – Restoring articular cartilage to each cell

Hip osteoarthritis makes it difficult for patients to walk, misaligned gait, high legs and low legs, greatly affecting the process of movement as well as daily life. Detection of hip osteoarthritis and early treatment help minimize potential complications. Thanks to the great progress of world medicine, European Wellness Vietnam with the mission of becoming a European standard healthcare center. We offer cell therapy for hip osteoarthritis with a specialized regimen, effectively overcoming hip osteoarthritis, bringing a comprehensive health – a solid fulcrum for millions of Vietnamese people.

What is hip osteoarthritis? Who is susceptible to hip osteoarthritis?

Hip osteoarthritis is the damage of articular cartilage cells, aging of the bones under the cartilage. Besides, there is also the damage of the ligament structures around the hip joint, the pelvic area, causing the hip to fall into a “state of immobility”, difficulty in moving, widespread pain affecting other joints such as the knee joint, lumbar spine,…


Thoái hóa khớp háng cản trở việc di chuyển, đau âm ỉ khó chịu

Speaking of hip osteoarthritis, this is a pathology that tends to occur in patients aged 50 years and older. However, in recent times, this disease has been showing signs of rejuvenation due to the changing quality of daily life.

Imagine, your body is a machine, the equipment that is constantly moving, over time will wear out requiring repair or replacement to make the machine work more smoothly. The hip joint, too, is the largest joint area of the body, the hip joint is the second most active after the knee joint. This is the bridge that holds part of the pelvis and the upper end of the femur with the smooth cartilage covering the surface of the bony cap that protects the bone and allows for easier movements. Therefore, the degeneration of the hip is something that regardless of age, care must be paid to avoid affecting daily life.

Causes, symptoms of degenerative hip disease

Causes of hip osteoarthritis

Hip osteoarthritis occurs in cases where the cartilage bone area at that site is aging or overloaded for a long time that the body’s cartilage cell regeneration can no longer compensate. According to statistics, more than 50% of patients with hip osteoarthritis fall at the age of 55 or older due to the aging process of articular cartilage, but some of the following characteristic causes also make young people more susceptible to hip osteoarthritis include:

  • Overweight, obesity: Excess weight causes compression on the hip
  • Heavy use of alcohol, addictive substances reduces blood circulation.
  • Blood does not move to the hip joint, resulting in damaged cartilage cells not being able to regenerate, proliferate, lack of oxygen, causing the number of cells to die faster.
  • The intensity of physical exercise is too high without a proper and scientific diet of rest and eating. Joint damage, joint injury, bone rupture in the neck area, angioplasty of the femur

Hơn 50% bệnh nhân mắc thoái hóa khớp háng rơi vào độ tuổi 55 trở lên

In addition, most cases of hip osteoarthritis are caused by patients suffering from degeneration of the lumbar spine and pelvic wing area that puts total pressure on the hip joint. In fact, when we move, the hip only allows the thigh to move for a limited amount of time. So when you stride too long, there is joint pain, dislocation,.. Along with the process of movement, the pelvic area and the lumbar spine also move. This is a smooth combination of spine, pelvis and hip joint. Therefore, one joint position is damaged, the other two are also greatly affected.

Symptoms of hip osteoarthritis

Hip osteochondrosis is a serious osteochondrosis with the following symptoms:

  • Mild hip osteoarthritis often causes dull pain in the joints around the hips, sides of the hips, or flattened areas.
  • Uncomfortable movement, pain when moving a lot, vigorous movement Pain when carrying heavy objects
  • Pain in the knee area, lumbar region
  • Dull pain all night causes stress, hot flashes, difficulty sleeping …
  • Thoai-hoa-khop-hang-khien-nguoi-benh-di-chuyen-khong-thoai-mai-dau-khi-di-chuyen-nhieu-van-dong-manh.png

    Thoái hóa khớp háng khiến người bệnh di chuyển không thoải mái, đau khi di chuyển nhiều, vận động mạnh

Due to lifestyle and age, hip osteoarthritis is becoming an increasingly worrisome pathology. In Europe, hip osteoarthritis is the most common condition due to the high rate of obesity. Therefore, the treatment of hip osteoarthritis in European countries always ensures safe, fast, intensive, detailed and comprehensive effects. Inheriting that refinement, European Wellness Vietnam helps customers reduce the burden of treating hip osteoarthritis quickly without going abroad.

Complications of hip osteoarthritis if not treated early

Unlike European countries, the majority of Vietnamese people suffering from hip osteoarthritis originate from lumbar spine degeneration, the lumbar spine is misaligned, worn out, severely damaged, difficult to move, making the hip more active. In fact, it is not uncommon to have complications caused by hip osteoarthritis because they are not properly diagnosed and treated:

  • Gait changes: Skewed gait, limping, high foot walking because the articular cartilage area is degenerated, causing the leg length ratio to also be changed
  • Disability due to joint deformity
  • Fracture of the hip area, rupture of ligaments around the hip joint
  • Muscle weakness, muscle atrophy

Similar to common types of osteoarthritis, hip osteoarthritis causes patients to experience very uncomfortable pains, unable to move joints as usual, reducing the ability to work, the body is no longer flexible. Hip degeneration exercises or hip degeneration medications are only effective at relieving pain, not regenerating damaged articular cartilage cells. Long-term use also has bad consequences for the liver and kidneys,… Once the disease worsens, many patients only have a joint replacement to maintain life.

How can stem cells treat hip osteoarthritis?

Although the rate of Vietnamese people suffering from hip osteoarthritis is not as much as knee or lumbar spine degeneration. However, to cut off the pain, effective treatments are still needed to minimize the risk of disability for the patient.

However, many patients remain subjective and suffer from degenerative hip pain for long periods of time. Therefore, when diagnosing a condition that is extremely serious, it is necessary to replace the joint. For patients detected early in the first 5 years, they will recover more quickly, reducing the maximum risk of complications.


Liệu pháp tế bào gốc điều trị thoái hóa khớp háng là cơ chế tái tạo sụn thuần tự nhiên

At European Wellness Vietnam, stem cell therapy for hip osteoarthritis is a purely natural cartilage regeneration mechanism, ensuring safety and compatibility with each disease condition. When articular cartilage cells are damaged and depleted, stem cells act as a “time machine” that quickly moves, finding the location of old, damaged cells to stimulate PROLIFERATION – REPAIR – REGENERATION – restoration of new cartilage cells.

  • Stem cells create new articular cartilage, which heals by repairing the organization of inflamed, badly damaged cartilage cells
  • Organize the new cell system to proliferate, increase blood circulation, improve the function of bringing oxygen into the blood to nourish the articular cartilage as well as blood circulation, bringing oxygen into the blood to nourish cells.
  • Rapid relief of symptoms of pain in the hip, knee joint, lumbar spine, reduction of acute and chronic inflammation
  • Increase flexible, agile mobility for joints in an extremely short time, maintaining long-term efficiency.

 Procedures and advantages of hip osteoarthritis treatment with stem cells at European Wellness Vietnam

European Wellness is a European corporation specializing in the research and application of biomedical technology in the care and improvement of comprehensive health. Currently, European Wellness has a footprint in 25 countries around the world with a network of strategic partners across 5 continents and tens of thousands of satisfied customers. Vietnam is proud to be the 26th official member of the European Wellness system worldwide.

Cell therapy at European Wellness is the leading method of musculoskeletal care and protection today, especially in the treatment of hip osteoarthritis. Stem cells help stimulate the process of finding, repairing and replacing cells damaged by degeneration with healthy new cells, thereby reducing pain quickly, enhancing joint lubrication, regenerating articular cartilage, maximally slowing down the degenerative process. Inheriting the medical achievements of the world’s No. 1 medicine, European Wellness is committed to providing the most effective and safe solution.

European Wellness Vietnam helps people understand the body and choose the correct treatment for shoulder osteoarthritis with modern technology, thereby approaching and protecting health in the most proactive way. European Wellness Vietnam is the exclusive owner of a comprehensive – intensive – detailed health model with an exclusive 4-step regimen of European medical standards:

  • Step 1: Diagnosis
  • Step 2: Detoxification
  • Step 3: Repair
  • Step 4: Rejuvenate

Ưu điểm khi điều trị thoái hóa khớp háng bằng tế bào gốc tại European Wellness Việt Nam

With production processes complying with high safety standards, fulfilling commitments on quality assurance, laboratory systems meeting GMP WHO standards are the key reasons why European Wellness Vietnam and cell therapy are always leading in the No. 1 position in spinal degeneration treatment today.

With cutting-edge technology from Europe, the proprietary cell therapy at European Wellness has ushered in a new era in treatment and healthcare. With continuous efforts, bringing the quintessence of medicine from leading European corporations to Vietnam, European Wellness promises to become a solid fulcrum in protecting you and your family against the harshness of time, bringing a proactive and intensive health care system to people.

If you have any questions about the application of treatment, please call hotline 028 6292 8888 to register for a direct consultation with a team of experts from the health care system from Europe.

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