Cellular skin rejuvenation is a therapy that uses stem cells to differentiate into cells similar to human skin tissue. When entering specialized locations on the face, stem cells will replace and support the regeneration of old cells, improving common signs of skin aging such as wrinkles, wrinkled skin, large pores. or dark skin. This is a therapy chosen by many people over the age of 30 to be able to improve the root of the problem, have long-term effects and the skin will change completely. At European Wellness, the method of cell skin rejuvenation according to regenerative medicine technology from Europe has proven effective with goods evaluated by domestic and foreign customers.
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At the age of 25, human skin has begun to show signs of aging. After the age of 35, these signs become more and more important due to the shortage of skin cells, causing sagging, wrinkling, wrinkles and smiles in the skin. To help clients overcome the complex of aging, the method of cell skin tightening is applied at European Wellness with the advantages of painless, non-invasive, highly aesthetic and long-lasting effect than conventional methods. After using the treatment, customers will feel the new skin bright white, stretchy and youthful like youth.


Medical cosmetology uses beauty methods that do not require surgery, using only minimally invasive procedures to improve the beauty of the body. Some commonly used methods in medical cosmetology such as laser, light treatment, using high-tech electromagnetic waves,... At European Wellness, cell therapy is applied for intensive remediation. and comprehensive skin problems, helping to improve the skin from the root. The treatment effect is clearly seen, the wrinkles, fine lines and roughness of the skin are improved by up to 90% after completing the treatment procedure.
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