Stem cells – a step forward in supporting the treatment of knee osteoarthritis

According to statistics from the World Health Organization, up to 65% of Vietnamese people over the age of 60 experience symptoms of knee osteoarthritis. Knee osteoarthritis is a bone and joint disease, complicated with varying degrees. Without proactive treatment and prevention measures can cause lifelong disability. Possessing modern medical achievements called cell therapy from Europe, European Wellness offers solutions to restore and regenerate knee cartilage, enhance joint ability, change disease progression, maintain a perfect quality of life that no other treatment can match.

What is knee osteoarthritis? Who is susceptible to knee osteoarthritis?

Knee osteoarthritis is a chronic lesion when cells in the tissue at the joint site are weak, depleted and gradually lose the ability to metabolize and regenerate. At that time, the patient begins to show signs of knee fatigue, soreness as well as gradual loss of mobility. In the long run, it will be difficult to move, leading to a deteriorating quality of life.


That osteoarthritis is causing wear-and-tear damage to your joints.

According to WHO statistics, Vietnam has more than 10% of people suffering from joint diseases, of which knee osteoarthritis is the most common disease. Most people with degenerative knee osteoarthritis are people entering middle age. At this age, the articular cartilage cells inside the body are getting older, weaker, no longer capable of proliferating and differentiating to maintain the body’s movement.

Compared to women, middle-aged men are more susceptible to knee osteoarthritis. However, currently this pathology is quite common in Vietnam, appearing in both men and women and showing signs of rejuvenation when up to 30% of people suffer from osteoarthritis when they are only 35 years old.

Common causes and symptoms of knee osteoarthritis

The cause of severe knee osteoarthritis
Knee osteoarthritis is due to the aging of people by the birth and death of no one. Aging causes the number of articular cartilage cells to be depleted plus the constant overloaded motor pressure makes the cells incapable of maintaining, restoring and nourishing the joints. Here are some of the most common causes of knee osteoarthritis:

  •  The aging of old age: Knee osteoarthritis will often appear as you get older, especially those aged 45 and older.
  • Genetic factors: Hereditary knee osteoarthritis is usually caused by the genes that make up the articular cartilage are mutated, the cells do not have time to proliferate to maintain healthy articular cartilage, making the aging process faster.
  • Obesity: Obese people overload the knee joints with motor mechanisms, on the other hand, fat tissues produce too many inflammatory cytokines that directly affect the articular cartilage causing joint degeneration.
  • Load pressure: People with the nature of heavy work, carrying heavy objects for a long time cause joint pain, joint deformity, osteoarthritis,…
  • Bone and joint birth defects: Knee birth defects are changes in the compression area of the joints that disrupt articular cartilage function, causing the joint to degenerate earlier than usual.
  • Mechanical damage: Knee joints with a history of damage are more susceptible to degeneration than joints in other locations.
  • Hormone changes: Premenopause, menopause, diabetes mellitus, endocrine osteoporosis,… Symptoms of degenerative knee osteoarthritis

Symptoms of degenerative knee osteoarthritis

Knee osteoarthritis usually begins silently in the early stages, which can appear on one or both sides of the knee depending on how the articular cartilage cells work.

When the body increases its mobility and the amount of cells that nourish and protect the articular cartilage is not enough to supply, the inflammation begins to attack the joints more easily. When the joints become inflamed, it leads to the destruction of articular cartilage, the cartilage layer in the organ tissues that help maintain mobility is also impaired. At that time, the natural mechanism of repair of cells also becomes more difficult, causing the appearance of symptoms:

  • Walking up the stairs is more difficult, there is always a feeling of knee pain in front and on either side of the pillow;
  • Knee soreness increases sharply over time and shows no signs of stopping;
  • Standing up and sitting down there is also a feeling of pain in the front of the pillow, which makes a crunching sound;
  • The feeling of the knee joint weakens and often collapses during heavy work;
  • There may be articular effusion; It is impossible to walk on its own or it is difficult to walk;
  • X-rays show narrow joint slits, increased bone protein under the cartilage and irregular surface, with bone buds or bone spurs at the edge of the joint.

Stages of Osteoarthritis (OA) of the Knee

Dangerous complications of knee osteoarthritis if not treated early

Knee joint deformity

Joint deformity is the most obvious symptom of knee osteoarthritis that is manifested by outward or inward crookedness of the joint that causes a feeling of imbalance when moving. The person walks unevenly, takes low steps high or a straight leg with one leg bent, it is difficult to move.

The cause of deformity of the joint is due to the degree of severe osteochondrosis or the preparation to fall into a severe stage by the formation of bone spurs around the edge of the joint or the misaligned joint axis, the synovial hernia.

Motor Disability – Polio

Knee osteoarthritis causes patients to always feel pain and moisture when moving, leading to inactivity psychology, making the disease worse. Over time, causing stiffness, muscle contraction, mobility loses flexibility, muscle atrophy leads to severe disability, spinal degeneration, polio,..

How can stem cells treat knee osteoarthritis?

Knee osteoarthritis is the aging and loss of cartilage stem cell populations. Under the action of DNA damage, oxidative stress, mitochondrial damage and inflammation cause the ability of articular cartilage cells to proliferate and regenerate is impaired. There is nothing more wonderful than when “cell therapy” – a modern medical achievement originating in Europe was born to bring a cartilage solution to treat knee osteoarthritis extremely effectively.

In the past, instead of treating knee osteoarthritis with oriental medicine methods combined with physiotherapy exercises for knee osteoarthritis or concerns about osteoarthritis, could it be cured? Now, regenerative medicine deploys “cell therapy”, giving birth to “prescriptions” to repair tissues and organs of the knee joint perfectly, is the ideal solution to help treat and prevent knee osteoarthritis leading in Europe.


Stem cell therapy is a non-pharmacologic treatment for knee

Stem cells, when entering the body, will move to the damaged knee joint site, repair by creating cartilage, restore function and protect musculoskeletal from the causative agents of arthritis.

Stem cells with the ability to proliferate infinitely and differentiate into functional cells when entering the body help regenerate articular cartilage. Instead of taking time to inject pain relief, symptom relief injections or passive PRP treatment, stem cells are now the main savior in reprogramming articular cartilage cells, the best treatment of knee osteoarthritis today.

Procedures, differences when treating knee osteoarthritis with stem cells at European Wellness Hospital

European Wellness is a European corporation specializing in the research and application of biomedical technology in the care and improvement of comprehensive health. Currently, European Wellness has a footprint in 25 countries around the world with a network of strategic partners across 5 continents and tens of thousands of satisfied customers. Vietnam is proud to be the 26th official member of the European Wellness system worldwide.

Cell therapy for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis at European Wellness is the leading method of knee care and protection today. Stem cells help stimulate the process of finding, repairing and replacing cells damaged by degeneration with healthy new cells, thereby reducing pain quickly, enhancing joint lubrication, regenerating articular cartilage, maximally slowing down the degenerative process. Inheriting the medical achievements of the world’s No. 1 medicine, European Wellness is committed to providing the most effective and safe solution.

European Wellness Vietnam helps people understand the body and choose the correct treatment for knee osteoarthritis with modern technology, thereby approaching and protecting health in the most proactive way. European Wellness Vietnam is the exclusive owner of a comprehensive – intensive – detailed health model with an exclusive 4-step regimen of European medical standards:

  • Step 1: Diagnosis
  • Step 2: Detoxification
  • Step 3: Repair
  • Step 4: Rejuvenate

European Wellness Vietnam is the owner of an exclusive 4-step protocol that is approved by European medicine

European Wellness is proud to be the owner of a laboratory meeting WHO GMP standards, meeting the criteria including facilities, working environment, human resources, control of the process of collection, treatment, culture, storage and application of stem cell technology. Technology is transferred from Europe, including modern machinery to treatment processes that meet double standards of safety and a commitment to the best efficiency.

With cutting-edge technology from Europe, the proprietary cell therapy at European Wellness has ushered in a new era in treatment and healthcare. With continuous efforts, bringing the quintessence of medicine from leading European corporations to Vietnam, European Wellness promises to become a solid fulcrum in protecting you and your family against the harshness of time, bringing a proactive and intensive health care system to people.

If you have any questions about the application of treatment, please call hotline 028 6292 8888 to register for a direct consultation with a team of experts from the health care system from Europe.

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