Treatment of shoulder osteoarthritis – The miracle called “Cell therapy”

Shoulder osteoarthritis is an inflammatory pathology of software structures, articular cartilage, synovial membrane. If you do not know how to treat it, it can leave many dangerous complications that interfere with work, affecting the quality of life. Absorbing the achievements of modern medicine with cell therapy for shoulder osteoarthritis, European Wellness Vietnam applies high-tech technology in the treatment of cartilage regeneration with stem cells, contributing to improving the health, improving both physically and mentally for millions of Vietnamese people.

What is shoulder osteoarthritis? Who is susceptible to shoulder osteoarthritis?

According to the laws of nature, when our bodies are young and healthy, cells work with clever and agile mechanisms to fight inflammation. On the contrary, as the body ages, the loss and aging of cells causes the tissues and organs inside the body to gradually weaken, the cells lose their ability to regenerate, the body gradually dysfunctional metabolism, creating pressure causing musculoskeletal diseases in general.


A person with shoulder arthritis is likely to have pain while moving the shoulder and after moving the shoulder

Besides knee osteoarthritis, lumbar spine degeneration or cervical vertebrae, shoulder osteoarthritis is also one of the fairly common osteoarthritis diseases. Shoulder osteoarthritis is simply a pathology related to soft structural injuries around the shoulder joint including: tendons, serous sacs, shoulder effusion, infected cartilage bone head, cartilage inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis,…

Shoulder pain or shoulder osteoarthritis usually occurs only in patients over 50 years of age, including middle-aged women. At this age, the body gradually appears signs of aging, hormone imbalance or cell deficiency that makes the cartilage muscles no longer flexible, leading to more widespread and intense shoulder pain. Without proper detection and treatment, there is no effective treatment other than joint replacement. Because the articular cartilage is now completely damaged, it can no longer be regenerated.

Causes, symptoms of degenerative diseases of the shoulder joint

Causes of shoulder osteoarthritis

Shoulder osteoarthritis causes patients to always suffer persistent pains and it is not uncommon for dangerous complications to seriously affect daily life. Here are some of the main causes of degenerative shoulder joint pathology:

  • Inactivity: The habit of living and working with a posture for a long time without the right exercises to avoid shoulder
  • Overexertion: Practice sports with high intensity, play ball with hands, play sports with hands
  • Due to age, aging: Entering middle age, articular cartilage cells deplete at a rapid rate. In addition, the remaining cells are weakened, exhausted and incapable of proliferating, regenerating and improving joint function.
  • Hard labor: Porters of heavy objects lead to mechanical injuries by repetitive mechanisms, causing damage, inflammation and swelling in the muscles of the ends of the arms, shoulder blades,…
  • Preoperative, traumatic: Traffic accidents, falls,…
  • Nutrient deficiencies can be mentioned as mineral elements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium,…
  • Overweight, obesity squeezes blood vessels, causing blood circulation to nourish cells poorly

Common symptoms of shoulder osteoarthritis

Due to age and the age-invasive aging process, people with shoulder osteoarthritis often have the following symptoms:

  • Pain around the shoulder area during movement, pain increases sharply when performing antagonistic arm contractions.
  • Shoulder pain appears suddenly when it gets cold
  • Severe pain causing insomnia, decreased mobility
  • The pain spread to the neck and shoulders of the neck, spreading down the arms, hands…
  • Pain during movement with the sound of teeth crackling
  • Inactivity also feels pain, in any position there is pain, throbbing on the inside of tendons, bones
  • Stiffness, difficulty moving, stiffness time increases graduallyần

Increasing age has been shown to negatively affect the cellular

Normally, to limit shoulder osteoarthritis, patients must know how to take care of themselves, from a scientific diet to exercises aimed at reducing degenerative symptoms. These methods have the effect of reducing pain, but the ability to regenerate articular cartilage is completely unsatisfactory.

Once the articular cartilage cells weaken, lose due to old age, due to aging, the only way is to add a new, healthier amount of stem cells to regenerate and recover. Regardless of which remedy used to treat shoulder osteoarthritis is only “artificial”, many cases of misuse of drugs cause danger, complications and affect nerve cells.

Complications of shoulder osteoarthritis are easily overlooked

It is not uncommon for cases of common shoulder joint pain to leave serious complications because they are not properly diagnosed and treated. The onset is subjectivity and incorrect treatment regimens. At European Wellness Vietnam, a team of expert doctors will directly examine and provide a treatment regimen for shoulder osteoarthritis with cell therapy of europe’s top quality standards, preventing a number of dangerous complications such as:

  • Compression and damage to nerve cells causing movement disorders, loss of sensation, slow reflexes
  • Bone loss, osteonecrosis
  • Joint deformity or weak joints that impair mobility
  • Tendon rupture
  • Inflammation around the frozen shoulder joint

Symptoms of shoulder arthritis may include pain in the shoulder joint, stiffness and reduced range of motion.

How can stem cells treat shoulder osteoarthritis?

Scientists around the world have really succeeded in treating meniscus regeneration with stem cells. Applied extremely popularly in European countries, cell therapy for shoulder osteoarthritis has now become a highly effective treatment, improving health comprehensively right in Vietnam.

Stem cell therapy for shoulder osteoarthritis is a purely natural cartilage regeneration mechanism, ensuring safety and compatibility with each disease condition. When articular cartilage cells are damaged and depleted, stem cells act as a “time machine” that quickly moves, finding the location of old, damaged cells to stimulate PROLIFERATION – REPAIR – REGENERATION – restoration of new cartilage cells.

  • Stem cells create new shoulder cartilage, repair inflamed, badly damaged cartilage cells
  • Organization of the new cell system proliferates, increases blood circulation, improves the function of bringing oxygen into the nourishing blood and rapidly heals cells
  • Rapid relief of symptoms of shoulder joint pain, acute and chronic inflammation
  • Increase flexibility, agility for joints in an extremely short time, maintain long-term efficiency

Stem cells – The miracle of effective shoulder cartilage regeneration

Thanks to the special mechanism of this cell therapy, European Wellness has helped millions of Vietnamese people completely treat shoulder osteoarthritis in a comprehensive way, achieve the healthy body they want and create a better quality of life.

Procedures and advantages when treating shoulder osteoarthritis at European Wellness Vietnam

European Wellness is a European corporation specializing in the research and application of biomedical technology in the care and improvement of comprehensive health. Currently, European Wellness has a footprint in 25 countries around the world with a network of strategic partners across 5 continents and tens of thousands of satisfied customers. Vietnam is proud to be the 26th official member of the European Wellness system worldwide.

Cell therapy at European Wellness is the leading method of caring for and protecting the shoulder joint today. Stem cells help stimulate the process of finding, repairing and replacing cells damaged by degeneration with healthy new cells, thereby reducing pain quickly, enhancing joint lubrication, regenerating articular cartilage, maximally slowing down the degenerative process. Inheriting the medical achievements of the world’s No. 1 medicine, European Wellness is committed to providing the most effective and safe solution.

European Wellness Vietnam helps people understand the body and choose the correct treatment for shoulder osteoarthritis with modern technology, thereby approaching and protecting health in the most proactive way. European Wellness Vietnam is the exclusive owner of a comprehensive – intensive – detailed health model with an exclusive 4-step regimen of European medical standards:

  • Step 1: Diagnosis
  • Step 2: Detoxification
  • Step 3: Repair
  • Step 4: Rejuvenate

Europe’s leading standard treatment regimen at European Wellness

With production processes complying with high safety standards, fulfilling commitments on quality assurance, laboratory systems meeting GMP WHO standards are the key reasons why European Wellness Vietnam and cell therapy are always leading in the No. 1 position in spinal degeneration treatment today.

With cutting-edge technology from Europe, the proprietary cell therapy at European Wellness has ushered in a new era in treatment and healthcare. With continuous efforts, bringing the quintessence of medicine from leading European corporations to Vietnam, European Wellness promises to become a solid fulcrum in protecting you and your family against the harshness of time, bringing a proactive and intensive health care system to people.

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