Cellular detoxification – A worthwhile investment in health

Every day, the body faces thousands of toxins from the external environment, such as pollution, dust, dirty food, chemicals, etc. Harmful to the body. Toxins surround, accumulate, and attack cells. Cause toxicity, potentially forming dangerous diseases. Applying exclusive cell therapy from European technology, European Wellness Vietnam has launched a comprehensive and intensive detoxification method, helping people proactively protect their health against harmful agents.

What is body detox? Health benefits of body cleansing

Detoxification removes toxins accumulated for a long time, helping the body to rest, clean, and nourish from the inside, increase resistance, and prevent and reduce the risk of dangerous diseases. Dangerous.

The human body inherently detoxifies through sweat glands, urine, liver, etc. However, many toxins from the environment and diet, and daily activities can be harmful. Overloading the above organs requires an additional solution to help the body be completely healthy.


Maintain the body’sbody’sting machinery by purifying toxinsc

The periodic cleansing of the body can be likened to the regular care and maintenance of the body’sbody’sting machinery. Purification can have the following positive effects:

  • Support and eliminate factors that hinder the treatment of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, obesity, etc.
  • Removes heavy metals, microplastics, neurotoxins, viruses, and harmful proteins Improves skin tone, hair follicle structure, and nails by providing essential nutrients and trace minerals
  • Regulate the digestive tract
  • Regulates the functioning of all body systems
  • Support weight loss
  • The body is always full of energy, vitality, and happiness

When do we need to detox the body?

Health experts always recommend that each person periodically detox because of their significant effects on health. However, detoxification is even more critical for certain people, such as those who regularly smoke or are in an environment contaminated with heavy metals, people with digestive problems, or The body slowing down nutrient absorption.

The body detox is also suitable for those who want to improve their health and protect the body against common harmful toxins such as food, chemicals, contaminated water, alcohol, and tobacco. People who want to fight free radicals and reduce the risk of diseases, hazardous diseases such as cancer, stroke, etc.


It is the fastest detoxification solution by neutralizing toxins in cells

Currently, there is no specific number to talk about when or how often to detox because they depend on the body of each person exposed or loaded into the body. Therefore, it is essential to constantly listen to your body.

Some of the body’s distress signals that you need to know such as: frequent weather allergies, slow absorption, bloating, body aches or often in a state of stress, etc. If you have any of the above symptoms, contact your doctor immediately for advice and timely intervention solutions to prevent the worst possible situation.

What is stem cell detoxification?

The human body was born with the ability to function extremely intelligently and with a natural detoxification mechanism. However, with today’s modern life, where toxins are always hidden around, the body’s detoxification function is impaired.

When the amount of toxins increases and becomes overwhelming, the liver will not perform its detoxification function well. At that time, the toxins will follow the blood and circulate to the cells in the body, disrupting the normal functioning of these cells. Over time, cells will gradually be destroyed, causing genetic changes and becoming the cause of many dangerous diseases.

With European regenerative medicine achievements, stem cells with the ability to repair, regenerate and differentiate into functional cells will play an important role in eliminating toxic substances or agents. potentially harmful to the body, and at the same time repair the cells that are being poisoned, stimulate the body’s purification process from the inside, support metabolism, restore energy, regulate regulate and strengthen the immune system.


Cellular Detox is a comprehensive detoxification method for the body

The advantages can be mentioned of the method of Cellular Detoxification:

  • It is the fastest detoxification solution by neutralizing toxins in cells
  • It helps sleep better, the body fresher It helps get rid of harmful blood fat
  • Healthy digestion enhances nutrient absorption Immune support from the cellular level
  • Improve liver diseases, reduce liver enzymes
  • Limit the aging process, beautify the skin It helps prevent cancer and chronic diseases caused by toxins
  • Enhances the elimination of accumulated toxins in the body at the cellular level
  • Supports digestion and bile, relieves constipation

Stem Cell Detoxification at European Wellness – A direct hit to toxins and harmful agents

European Wellness was founded on the evaluation, treatment, and prevention of chronic health disorders by crystallizing and inheriting the quintessence of modern medical achievements from Europe. European Wellness has set foot in 25 countries worldwide, from Europe to Asia. The Vietnamese market is the 26th stop of European Wellness, aiming to bring comprehensive health to millions of Vietnamese people.

By applying cell therapy to the body’sbody’sification, European Wellness aims to eliminate toxins, thoroughly stimulating the body’sbody’seration from within. Unlike standard diets or functional products on the market, we provide a medical standard and comprehensive stem cell detoxification solution from Europe at the city center.


The method of purification and detoxification by exclusive cell technology from Europe

European Wellness Vietnam is the sole unit that owns a comprehensive – in-depth – detailed health model with a complete 4-step regimen approved by European medicine:

  • Step 1: Diagnosis
  • Step 2: Detoxification
  • Step 3: Repair
  • Step 4: Rejuvenate

The stem cell culture process at European Wellness is strictly supervised according to the World Cell Therapy Association and the US FDA standards, with technology to separate, store and manage in a sterile, closed environment.

The Lab is strictly tested, and the equipment is wholly transferred from Germany, Switzerland, Malaysia,… The Lab is strictly tested, and the equipment is wholly transferred from Germany, Switzerland, Malaysia,…

Consultation from leading experts in the field of cells in the world. Proud to gather a team of specialized general practitioners who are leading experts in Vietnam and Europe, dedicated and dedicated to their profession.

Some of the most comprehensive and modern detoxification methods at European Wellness

Resume plus bonus

Infrared saunas release contaminants such as heavy metals and chemicals from the body. Besides, it also helps promote health, improve cardiovascular function, lose weight, control weight, reduce damage to tissues and cells, and beautify the skin.

Colon hydraulics

During colon hydrotherapy, filtered water is used to remove toxins that have built up in the intestines, reduce waste and absorb toxins, increase digestive function, and remove parasites, harmful bacteria, and fungi. , cleanse the lymphatic system, boost immunity, have brighter skin and eyes, a clear mind, and enhance vitality.

Ozone therapy

This therapy helps healthy cells to be stimulated and multiply faster. Ozone therapy is used to facilitate the production of white blood cells, wipe out microorganisms, optimize oxidation, support the body to fight infection and cancer, and activate the metabolism of maybe.

Chelation heavy metal removal therapy

To boost the immune response and reduce the effects of therapy, the body needs to get rid of heavy metals and toxins. Chelation therapy has been applied since the 1940s to treat poisoning caused by heavy metals such as iron, copper, etc.


Modern medical equipment is exclusively transferred from Europe

Acquiring quintessence from European countries, European Wellness is proud to become a proactive global healthcare system. With advanced technology from Europe, the exclusive stem cell therapy at European Wellness has opened a new era in treatment and health care. European Wellness Vietnam carries with it the mission of bringing the model of Europe to Vietnam with a comprehensive healthcare journey, becoming a solid fulcrum for you and your family in the face of the rigors of the times.

To learn more about stem cell therapy at European Wellness, you can contact the hotline at 028 6292 8888 for a free consultation from our team of experts.