Immune cell therapy – Strengthening resistance, preventing disease

Scientists are constantly researching and inventing many methods to strengthen the natural immune system of humans. The free system is known as a “steel shield” that protects the body from invasive human influences from the outside. If the immune system is weakened, people will oppose the risk of dangerous diseases. At European Wellness, cell therapy is one of the leading and most progressive methods to enhance the innate immune system, formulated ultimately according to European standards.

What are immune cells?

Despite being protected from harmful microorganisms, toxic elements, and the risk of cell carcinogenesis, humans survive thanks to the immune system.

The immune system is the collection of organs, tissues, cells, and molecules involved in resistance to replication. They are the “steel shield” that helps the body to resist the attack of pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, and toxic elements.

Meanwhile, immune cells are cells of the body’s immune system with diverse components such as acid white blood cells, neutrophils, oral leukocytes, tissue leukocytes, and natural killer cells—NK cells, mastocytes, B lymphocytes, T lymphocytes, macrophages, etc.

Each cellular component has a different structure, recognition, mode of action, and function, tightly distributing the configuration into the free operation of the machine.


Transaction-free cells of the body

Free cell sorting

  • Interaction cell free

Motion. NK. The generative free cell group includes various granulocytes (neutrophils, acid-base leukocytes, leukocytes), mastocytes, monocytes, dendritic cells, and auto-killing cells. They exist in almost every organ in the body, preventing the initial entry of harmful elements.

  • Delicate cell free

Free explanatory service cells are formed during human life, including two main types of cells, namely T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes. These cell types can memorize and distinguish the last yards, protecting the body if they attack next time. Because of their superiority, cells in the immune system are considered an essential element sustaining human life. However, like every other organ in the body, these cells will weaken over time and require people to find the proper strengthening method.

Differentiate between stem cells and free cells.

Stem cells and ttransaction-freecells are closely related. However, cell therapy” can quickly create an illusion between these two cell types. In essence, stem cells and immune cells are two different types of cells with other functions:

  • Stem cells are a form of crude cells – capable of differentiating into various cellular functions when the body is damaged. Stem cells have unlimited potential through continuous differentiation and proliferation. They can detect cell damage and damage and repair and regenerate them.
  • Immune cells: are cells with specific functions, protecting the body against harmful agents. The immune system comprises white blood cells, the spleen, the thymus, and lymph nodes.
Immune-cells-protect-the-body -against-harmful-agents

Immune cells protect the body against harmful agents

In what ways can immune cells be boosted?

There are many methods to enhance the ability of immune cells; here are some common ways:

Supplement daily probiotics, probiotics through powder, oral tablets, or yogurt

Eat healthy, prioritize eating cooked and drinking heat, and minimize regenerative and raw foods.

Add more vegetables, fresh, warm fruits, and garlic…

Supplement foods and functional tablets to support the elimination of toxins and enhance liver function. Maximum mode of alcohol and smoking Exercise, exercise, play sports Get enough sleep, stay up late, stress Relax your body, avoid creating pressure, stress Green and chrysanthemum tea have potent antioxidant effects, strengthen immunity, and prevent infectious diseases.


Many good habits help the immune system.

Free Cell Therapy – The Revolution in the Protection Room and Comprehensive Health Protection

Under the negative impact of the living environment as well as a stressful and sedentary lifestyle, the cells in the human immune system have to work, resulting in continuous:

  • Reduces oxidation and helps the body quickly recover health.
  • Prevent disease, and strengthen resistance.
  • Support immune cells to recognize and destroy harmful factors even when they are new germs.
  • It has the effect of killing many types of cancer cells at different stages of the disease.
  • Reduce the risk of respiratory and digestive diseases Restoring health for sick people

Immune cells usher in a health revolution

In some countries with advanced medicine, such as the US, Japan, and Europe, immune cells are also used and have great significance in treating autoimmune diseases and cancer. If, in the past, most patients had to undergo traditional methods such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy to destroy cancer cells affecting the whole body, NK cell therapy (Natural Killer) ) was born to overcome all the above limitations.

NK cells can recognize and attack precancerous cells, cancer cells, tumors, and harmful viruses as soon as detected without harming healthy cells. In addition, NK cells do not need to be genetically modified to recognize cancer cells, making the preparation process faster. However, it should be noted that not all patients are eligible for cancer treatment with immunotherapy and NK cells. Most patients in the terminal stage with severe underlying diseases and difficulty in the movement are not eligible to perform and need advice and treatment from a specialist doctor.

 Experience immune cell therapy at European Wellness.

European Wellness is a corporation researching and applying biomedical technology to comprehensive health care and promotion. European Wellness has set foot in 25 countries worldwide with a strategic partner system spread across five continents and thousands of satisfied customers. Vietnam is proud to be the 26th official European Wellness medical center system member worldwide.

Immune stem cell therapy at European Wellness is designed based on the orientation of “prevention is better than cure,” with the desire to change the healthcare habits of most Vietnamese people. In particular, through examination and testing services to screen for diseases early, your loved ones, especially the elderly, will always be protected to the maximum, limiting the conditions when the disease is detected. Already in a severe stage, incurable.

Wellness. This is a high-class health regeneration program from Europe, which is multidimensional and holistic. Through the integration of cell therapies and advanced proprietary technology equipment based on regenerative medicine achievements, doctors and specialized teams have created an exclusive 4-step treatment regimen in Europe. At each stage, we provide care and treatment tailored to each client’s individualmultidimensionalest results and quality.

  • Step 1: Diagnosis
  • Step 2: Detoxification
  • Step 3: Repair
  • Step 4: Rejuvenate

European Wellness is proud to own a laboratory that meets GMP WHO standards, meeting criteria including facilities, working environment, human resources, and control of the collection, processing, and culture processes. , storage, preservation, and application of stem cell technology. All the technology that European Wellness uses are technologies transferred from Europe, including state-of-the-art machinery and treatment processes that meet double safety standards and are committed to the best results.


Therapies undergo rigorous research.

With advanced technology from Europe, exclusive immune cell therapy at European Wellness has opened a new era in treatment and health care. Bringing the quintessence of medicine from Europe’s leading corporations to Vietnam, European Wellness promises to become a solid fulcrum in protecting you and your family against the rigors of time, providing a comprehensive care system—Proactive health – intensive for people.

If you have any questions about the treatment application, please call the hotline at 028 6292 8888 to register for a face-to-face consultation with a team of experts in the healthcare system from Europe.

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